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Gen. Flaviano Yengko y Abad
1874 - Future Filipino revolutionary  general Flaviano Yengko y Abad is  born in Tondo, Manila during the  Spanish colonial times; as a  university student--taking up bachelor  of arts at the Colegio de San Juan de  Letran and law in the University of  Santo Tomas--Yengko will become known  for his charitable ways and  versatility as well for his eloquence  in oratory and debate; as the  Philippine Revolution breaks out in  August 1896, Yengko will courageously  take up the challenge to fight for his  country by joining the Katipunan and  leaving law school; Yengko will first  see action at the Battle of Binakayan  in November 9, thereafter becoming a  captain in Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo's  general staff before rising in rank up  to brigadier general; the young  revolutionary general will die on  March 3, 1897 in a military hospital  in Imus after being shot in the  abdomen during the Spanish assault in  Salitran as part of the   intensive Spanish military offensive in Cavite.
Tomas Mapua y Bautista

1888 - Tomas B. Mapua, Filipino  outstanding architect and educator,  founder of the prestigious Mapua  Institute of Technology, dies at the  ripe old age of 77; Mapua earned his  high school and bachelor of  architecture degree in the United  States after which he worked for the  Bureau of Public Works, pursued  private practice, and was later  appointed supervising architect under  which capacity he took charge of great  government construction projects such  as the Philippine General Hospital and  the National Mental Hospital; the  first ever licensed Filipino  architect, Mapua won recognition for  several of his private projects,  including his design of the La Salle  College Building that led him to best  his competitor architects (three  Spaniards, two Americans, one Filipino  and one German).

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