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Imperialist Gen. Henry W. Lawton shot
1899 - A Filipino freedom-fighting sniper under the command of Gen. Licerio I. Geronimo fatally shoots Gen. Henry Ware Lawton of the invading imperialist United States forces during the Philippine-American War (1899-1914); the minor success of the Filipinos is carried out by the Tiradores de la Muerte (Marksmen of Death) led by Geronimo, Division General of the Filipino forces in Rizal province during the historic Battle of San Mateo wherein the Filipinos route the brigade of the enemy Americans consisting of battalions from the 29th Infantry, 27th Infantry, and a cavalry and foot squadron from the 11th Cavalry; Lawton would be the highest ranking U.S. official killed during the bloody and protracted Filipino-American War. 

Sen. Geronima Tomelden-Pecson
1896 - The future first Filipina Senator, Geronima Tomelden y Palisoc, is  born in Barrio Libson, Lingayen,  Pangasinan; Tomelden, who would marry Potenciano Pecson, would become a  "silent achiever" and be known as  "super-social worker" who would first  become a teacher and significantly  contribute to improving the plight of  Filipino teachers, including her push  for the 1953 Free and Compulsory  Education Act and the Vocational  Education Act; Tomelden-Pecson's election as senator would be remarkable for breaking the glass ceiling for Filipina women in the country's highest legislative body, especially considering her landing No. 3 in the total number of votes earned for senator; Geronima Tomelden-Pecson would also be the first woman to be elected to UNESCO's executive board.

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