Friday, December 17, 2010


National Scientist Julian A. Banzon
1962 - Filipino  biophysical chemist,  professor, scholar and future national scientist Julian Arca Banzon attends the  four-day International Atomic Energy  Agency Study Group Meeting on the Utilization of Research Reactors; a  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree holder at the University of the  Philippines, he pursued graduate studies at the Iowa State University under the colonial "Pensionado" program during the imperialist  American Occupation of the Philippines and would later be recognized for his outstanding research work on "renewable sources of chemicals and fuels." notably coconut and sugar cane and other indigenous materials.

Patriot Wenceslao Q. Vinzons
1942 - Wenceslao Quinto Vinzons, solon, patriot, and armed resistance leader fights his first big  battle against the Japanese forces in  Tigbinan in Bicol during World War II;  Vinzons was a student leader activist  and one of the delegates elected to draft the American-colonial-era 1935 Philippine Constitution and is also noted for supporting Gen.  Emilio F. Aguinaldo's (losing) candidacy against President Manuel L.  Quezon; elected to the national assembly in 1941, the Japanese will successfully hunt him down as they learned he was an important man in their bid to enlist his support for Japan's Co-Prosperity Sphere but Vinzons will choose to die, along with his wife, two children, father and sister rather than cooperate, saying "nothing can make me happier than to die for my country."

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