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Bonifacio Arevalo y Flores
1920 - Filipino propagandist,  dentist and artist Bonifacio  Arevalo y Flores dies at the old  age of 70; Arevalo became the  treasurer of the reform movement  that Jose Rizal founded during the  Spanish colonial times, and later  on joined the Cuerpo de  Compromisarios, the faction of  former La Liga members that  embraced peaceful means in contrast  to the radical, pro-independence Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang  manga Anak nang  Bayan (KKK); Arevalo was also known  for attempting (but failing) to build a number of sari-sari or small retail stores to compete with  the more established Chinese stores and for forming an organization of  hat-makers and local weavers.

Jurist Manuel G. Araullo

1916 - Filipino jurist Manuel  Araullo y Gonzales is promoted  Associate Justice of the colonial  Supreme Court of the Philippines  during the period of American  Occupation; Araullo is noted for  maintaining independence from the  imperialist American authorities  when he acquitted Fernando Ma. Guerrero and Lope K. Santos in the libel case filed against the newspaper El  Renacimiento for its exposure of  the violations of the rights of  innocent civilians committed by the  Philippine Constabulary when running after criminals; in his  honor, the Manila Evening Grammar  School was renamed Araullo High  School in 1947.

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