Wednesday, September 14, 2011


1813 - The Spanish colonial edict abolishing the Galleon Trade in the Philippines is passed, seven  months after the proposal was submitted, as part of  the provision (equality clause) of the Cadiz  Constitution of 1812 which exempts colonized natives, including those from the Southeast Asian archipelago, from paying tributes and rendering public service; the Galleon Trade, wherein Manila was administered through Mexico and served as  transshipment port for China-Mexico product exchange, was the chief economic activity the Spanish colonizers engaged in for over 200 years; owing in part to how Philippine exports were not part of the Acapulco galleon trade, it did not benefit the Filipinos and, instead, caused undue miseries to the  natives by way of abuses arising from the resulting labor demand for shipbuilders, woodcutters, and crewmen. 

1914 - Nicolas V. Zamora, the first Filipino Protestant pastor and founder of Iglesia Evangelica Metodista,  the first Philippine (Protestant) independent church, dies at the young age of 39;  Zamora readily took to the American Protestant missionaries and converted to Protestantism owing to the bitter history his family had with the Spanish friars, including the execution of their relative, Fr. Jacinto Zamora in 1872, and the exile of his father to the Mediterranean island of Cheferino for possession of a copy of the bible, an act then disallowed by the Catholic Church.

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