Monday, November 7, 2011


Aniceto Lacson y Ledesma
1898 - The provisional revolutionary  government in Negros is established and a constitution promulgated a day after  Spanish  capitulation to Filipino revolutionaries in Negros  province during the Philippine Revolution; to be referred to as the  Cantonal Republic of Negros, supposedly subordinate to the central government of the  Revolutionary/First Philippine  Republic, it has the following set of elected officers: Aniceto Lacson, President; Juan Araneta,  Secretary of War; Eusebio Luzuriaga, Secretary  of Treasury; Simeon Lizares, Secretary of  Interior; Nicolas Golez, Secretary of Fomento;  Antonio Jayme, Secretary of Justice; Agustin  Amenablar, Secretary of Agriculture and  Commerce; and Melecio Severino, Executive  Secretary; the Spanish capitulation and succeeding inauguration of the Negros Republic  and its constitution came came more than two  months  following the infamous Mock Battle of  Manila wherein the emerging  imperialist nation, the United States, and colonial Spain falsely  made it appear before the world  that it is the  Americans, and not the  Filipino, who defeated the Spanish colonizers. 

1751 - Some two centuries into the Spanish  colonial rule, an auditor of the Royal Audiencia  of the colony, the Philippine Islands,
Don Pedro Enriquez,
reports on  his pacification efforts for the villages of  Taguig, Hagonoy, Paranaque, Bacoor, and  Cavite Viejo; the colonial villages had staged  revolts owing to onerous agrarian conditions but a general  pardon has been proclaimed, along with the  promise of hearing the natives' complaints and  the carrying out of justice.

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