Thursday, November 3, 2011


1900 - One year and nine months into the bloody and protracted  Philippine-American War (1899-1914), the  imperialist invading Americans close the port of  Boac for commerce; the Boac port was the  exclusive port utilized in the Marinduque area  in the Visayan Islands during the colonial  Spanish era.

1762 - The Pangasinan Revolt led by Juan de la  Cruz Palaris erupts in Binalatongan during the  Spanish colonial rule of the Philippines; the uprising led by Palaris (born as Pantaleon Perez), which was  the second revolt in the province of Pangasinan  during the Spanish era that coincided with the  British invasion of the Philippines, would spread  to the towns of Mangaldan, Calasiao, Dagupan, San  Jacinto, Sta. Barbara, Manaoag, Bayambang,  Malasiqui, and Paniqui; however, with the  signing of the 1763 Treaty of Paris that ended the Seven-Year War between Spain and Britain,  along with the successful suppression of the  Silang Revolt in Ilocos, the colonial Spanish  authorities were able to concentrate on  Pangasinan, eventually quashing the rebellion  and soon executing the brave, anti-colonial Palaris by hanging.

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