Thursday, November 24, 2011


1892 - The first railroad line in the Philippines,  covering a distance of 195 km. from Manila to  Dagupan, is open during the waning years of the  Spanish colonial period; the Manila-Dagupan  railroad, said to have been built by the British, is  one of the three railroad lines proposed by the colonial Spaniards, with the second and third lines to be realized under the imperialist American rule.

1898 - San Jose, Antique is occupied by the expeditionary revolutionary forces of Gen. Leandro  Fullon y Locsin during the second phase of the Philippine  Revolution against Spain; Fullon's forces aboard the flagship Isabela landed on Antique some two months earlier and began liberating many towns of the  province; following the capitulation of San Jose, these officials are named to head Antique:  Angel Salazar, Sr., Governor; Santos Capadocia,  Vice-Governor; Anacleto Villavert Jimenez and Jose  Fontanilla, Councilor of Justice; Anselmo Alicante, Councilor of Internal Revenue and Vicente Gella,  Representative of Malolos; Fullon would later join forces with Gen. Teresa Magbanua who has successfully repulsed the Spaniards in Capiz, Iloilo.

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