Friday, November 11, 2011


1896 - The Battle of Binakayan is won by Katipuneros, Filipino  revolutionaries, during the Philippine Revolution against  Spain; the battle that occurred in Cavite and took many lives but is said to be one  of the biggest wins of the Filipinos, would be described by  Gen. Santiago Alvarez in his memoirs as, for a time, clearly a Spanish victory, with the fort taken over and many Katipuneros dead until the Spaniards committed the tactical error of not  further proceeding to Dalahikan where they could have probably launched a  victorious, surprise attack; the Battle of Binakayan, which would be considered the earliest major victory of the Filipinos during the Himagsikan, was eventually won when the defenders of Dalahikan  moved to attack the enemy and recover the forts earlier seized.

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