Saturday, November 12, 2011


1899 - One year and nine months into the   Philippine-American War (1899 - 1914), a council of war held in  Bayombong, Pangasinan decides to continue the  war for freedom through guerilla warfare as Tarlac, the capital of the northward retreating  First Philippine Republic, falls into the hands of  the invading United States forces; attended by  Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and other military leaders,  the decision to push through with the war  against the imperialist Bald Eagle nation came  exactly a month after the invaders began a  major offensive in its war of invasion against the fledgling republic of the Southeast Asian nation.

1943 - The terms of office of the President and  Vice-President of the American colony, the  Philippines, is extended when the United States Congress passes Resolution No. 25; the joint  resolution, which also declares that the  extension will last until such time the U.S. president shall have restored constitutional  processes and normal government functions of  its colony, comes amidst the Japanese Occupation of the American colony in the Southeast Asian region during World War II.

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