Monday, March 8, 2010


1900 - Detachment commanders of the Filipino forces are informed by Second Zone Secretary Potenciano Luna that Capt. Pedro Cadurales and several others had been killed, including patriotic soldiers who were shot after being captured by the enemy United States forces; writing in a circular during the Philippine-American War, Luna also cautions the Filipino soldiers to be wary of infiltrators and to "Take care of our guns, bury them under the earth so nobody shall know about it, except the officer and the sergeant."

1932 - Henry Pu Yi, the last emperor of the last of China's imperial dynasties is made Chief executive of Manzhouguo (Manchukuo) by Imperial Japan, months after earlier being named emperor or Kangde; he reigned until 1945, during which time Japan is said to have taken steps towards Japanizing Manchuria as it did in Korea and elsewhere.

1956 - Cyprus Archbishop Makarios, along with his allies, is deported by Britain to Seychelles in the bid to contain nationalist guerrilla activities in the crown colony; he will eventually be allowed back in 1959 and will soon become president of an independent Cyprus.

1967 - The daughter of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin,Svetlana, requests political asylum at the United States Embassy in India; she will become an American citizen, changing her name to Lana Peters following her marriage with architect William Peters but some time after their divorce, she will resettle in the USSR and later, in England.

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