Tuesday, March 2, 2010


1815 - The Kailianes (common people) of the Philippine northern town of Sarrat in Ilocos Norte begin a rebellion against the rule of the Spanish colonizers; soon spreading to other towns under the leadership of Simon Tomas, Mariano Espiritu, Vicente Santiago, and Andres Bugarin , the uprising will be one of the many unsuccessful revolts in the archipelago prior to the Revolution of 1896. 

1918 - The new Soviet Union and the Central Powers sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, concluding hostilities between those countries during the First World War; the terms of the treaty wherein Soviet Russia gives up Ukraine and territories in Poland and the Baltic region will later be nullified by the Armistice.

1924 - The caliphate, the office of the supreme spiritual leader for Sunni Muslims worldwide, is abolished as part of Turkey's initial step towards secularization of the government and society; the Ottoman Empire-era position of the chief religious official, Sheik ul-Islam, will be dissolved, religious schools will be closed, the Islamic law courts will be dismantled, and, later, Islam will be dropped as state religion.
1974 - A Turkish Airline crashes near Paris while on a regular flight from Ankara to London via the French capital; all the 346 passengers and crew members are killed, including many transfer passengers from  British Airways flights that had been canceled due to a London airport strike.

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