Sunday, March 14, 2010


1947 - The controversial RP-US Military Bases Agreement (MBA) that grants American access to 22 military, naval, and air bases in the Philippines is signed by Philippine President Manuel A. Roxas and United States Ambassador Paul V. McNutt at Malacanang some eight months after the imperialist Bald Eagle nation granted "independence" to its Southeast Asian colony; supposedly forged for the mutual defense of the two countries, the agreement would be decried by nationalists as both a symbol and actual tool of American neo-colonial hold on Filipinos; another criticism of the MBA is how it was approved only as an international executive agreement on the American side, not having been ratified by the U.S. legislature. 

1917 - The Petrograd Soviet (Council of of Worker's and Soldier's Deputies) of Russia' provisional government of the issues Order No. 1 which deprived the officers of all authority except for strategic operations, with the view of entrusting the army's administration to elected members of committees; the order, prompted by Soviet suspicion that the generals have counterrevolutionary tendencies will virtually be ignored and the Soviet will subsequently be more openly antagonistic towards the government.

1960 - The British radio telescope at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire sets a new space record when it makes contact with the NASA's  Pioneer V satellite at a distance of some 407,000 miles; the Soviet Union's Lunik III has held the previous record with its photograph of the back of the Earth's Moon a year earlier.

1978 - Israel invades Lebanon in the bid to push the Palestinian Liberation Forces out of South Lebanon; codenamed Operation Litani by Israel,  it would be a military success but the Lebanese government's objections would lead to the creation of the UNIFIL peacekeeping force and a partial Israeli withdrawal.

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