Tuesday, March 9, 2010


1892 - The masonic lodge Nilad, established by future Filipino patriots Pedro Serrano Laktaw and Antonio Luna, is recognized and given the number 144 by the Gran Oriente Espanol, the Spanish mother lodge; freemasonry  in the Philippines began when Filipino intellectuals in foreign countries have noticed with misgivings the continued persecution and injustices committed by friars back in the Philippines.

1946 - Yugoslavia's General Drazha Mihailovich,  wartime resistance leader, was captured and will be tried for collaborating with the enemy; despite protests from Western countries, he will eventually be executed four months later; Mihailovich led during World War II the Chetnik movement which, though founded as a resistance force itself, increasingly provided assistance to the Axis powers in the bid to eliminate their main  rival, Marshal Broz Tito's Partisans.

1969 - Martin Luther King's killer, James Earl Ray, is sentenced to 99 years imprisonment by a Memphis, Tennessee court after admitting he murdered the American civil rights leader; the admission and verdict swiftly concluded the trial but which would be seen as a cover-up for a politically motivated conspiracy to silence the black activist leader.

1990 - The Observer journalist Farzad Bazoft has been convicted by an Iraqi court of spying for Israel, while working on a story about an explosion at a weapons complex south of the capital, although the British nurse who accompanied him to the site will eventually be released; the trial and execution of Bazoft, an Iranian who lived in Britain beginning the early 1980s, drew international condemnation.

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