Sunday, March 28, 2010


1907 - In accord with America's propaganda policy of falsely claiming that the Philippine-American War ("insurrection" daw) ended in 1902, Governor James F. Smith certifies that since the publication of the Philippine Census in 1905 there have been no serious disturbances of the public order save those committed by outlaws and religious fanatics and that the great mass of the Filipinos have been “law-abiding, peaceful and loyal to the United States”; decades later, even American historians will write that the war of resistance valiantly fought by Filipino patriots against the imperialist United States forces well continued on until 1915 [and in] years to come, Americans [will remain] divided over the nation’s actions and imperial ambitions.

1979 - The worst accident in the history of the United States nuclear power industry occurs at Three Mile Island when the pressure valve at its Unit-2 reactor is unable to close, thus overheating the core and draining the radiation-contaminated cooling water from the open valve into the adjoining structures; the safety devices of the state-of-the-art reactor would have prevented a larger crisis but the human operators, misreading the confusing and contradictory findings,  has shut off the automatic emergency cooling pumps, subsequently melting down the core and causing deadly radiation to drift across the countryside.

1956 - Iceland's Parliament calls for the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country and in four months, a new coalition government will be formed by the Progressive Party, the Social Democrats, and the Communist People's Alliance that will get two cabinet posts; five years earlier, in April 1951, at the request of the Danish government, the United States sent an armed force contingent to assist the country's defense during the Cold War.

1962 - Military leaders depose Argentine President Arturo Frondizi, who had won elections three years earlier with the support of former leader Juan Peron; the coup installs Senate President Jose Maria Guido as President, who will then nullify the recent provincial and legislative elections, establish dictatorial rule, and will ban the Peronist and Communist Parties.

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