Friday, March 12, 2010


1899 - Some 200 Filipino soldiers are killed by American imperialist forces led by Brig. Gen. Loyd Wheaton during the Battle of Guadalupe Church in what is now known as Makati City, with official US report only listing 3 Americans killed and 26 wounded; a year later on the same day (March 13, 1900) in Abra, Captain Villareal writes to Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo Informing him that the forces under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Juan Villamor captured 200 Americans in the Pial settlement of Abra province.

1848 - Vienna students marching to the Landhaus to present a petition to the Diet in Hofburg (Imperial Palace) are fired on when they grew large in size; in the next few days, the Emperor and the Diet wil consider a constitution and within two months, a new constitution providing for a bicameral legislature will be published.

1881 - Russia's Tsar Alexander II is assassinated by the People's Will that has employed murders and terrorism in the bid to overthrow the autocracy; Alexander II has considerably liberalized and modernized Russia but when his authority was challenged he turned repressive.

1979 - The leader of Grenada, Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy, has been ousted in a coup while he was at the United Nations in New York; Gairy has met criticisms of human rights violations and coup leader Maurice Bishop will take over his position of Prime Minister for the next four years.

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