Thursday, February 4, 2010


1899 - Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo sends General Torres to U.S. General Elwell Otis to try to bring about the end to hostilities began the day before when an American sentry shoots and kills a Filipino soldier crossing the San Jose del Monte bridge; the Philippine-American will last for years when Otis refuses, saying the "fighting having begun, it must go on to the grim end." 

1917 - President Venustiano Carranza proclaims Mexico's modern constitution; Carranza is a staunch nationalist who has opposed American intervention in Mexico's affairs even if such meddling are poised to benefit him.

1964 - The foreign ministers of Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia begin a conference on the question of the formation of the Federation of Malaysia; Indonesia will oppose the new federation for a time and Singapore will later withdraw from the federation.

1994 - A mortar bomb explodes in Sarajevo's primary market square on the 22th month of the civil war among Bosnia' Serbs, Croats, and Muslim groups; the bomb kills 68 people and wounds some 200 others.

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