Monday, February 1, 2010


1763 - Natives in Ilagan (in what is now Isabela province) in the Philippines revolt against colonial Spanish abuses; leaders Dabo and Marayag rally against  unbearable tribute collections, tobacco monopoly and other abuses committed by the Spanish friars.

1897 - Cretan insurrection breaks out, with support from groups fueled by Greek aspirations in the island of Macedonia; it will lead to the Greek-Ottoman War to be won by the Ottomans but with Prince George of Greece ultimately being named governor of Crete.

1933 - The meeting of the Disarmament Conference begins at Geneva, Switzerland; some 60 countries attend the conference called following the December 1932 No Force Declaration signed by Germany, Great Britain, France, and Italy.

1943 - The German forces in Stalingrad capitulate as their 22 divisions have been reduced to 80,000 soldiers; the Russians had earlier recaptured Velikiye and Leningrad and the German surrender would prove to be a pivotal development during World War II.

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