Thursday, February 11, 2010


1901 -  Apolinario Mabini, Gen. Artemio Ricarte and other defiant revolutionary leaders who have been deported from the Philippines begin their exile in Guam; refusing to swear fealty to imperialist America, they form part of the handful of proud survivors of the Philippine Revolution and the Filipino-American War who stand out against the many who have given up the cause of independence for their native country.

1554 - Lady Jane Grey, "The Nine Days' Queen," is executed privately inside the Tower of London upon orders of her Catholic cousin, Queen Mary I in a battle for royal succession;  amidst Mary I's violent attempts to enforce Catholicism, Lady Jane will come to be viewed as a Protestant martyr for centuries and her tale will be romanticized  in popular culture.

1912 - The last Manchu emperor, six-year-old PuYi (Xuantong Emperor), renounces his throne through Empress Dowager Longyu who signs the "Act of Abdication of the Emperor of the Great Qing" following the 1911 Chinese Revolution (Xinhai Revolution).

1999 - A group of independent international scientists hightlight the health dangers of genetically modified food; the 20 scientists have signed a memorandum supporting Dr. Arpad PUsztai who had earlier warned that with regards the additional gene present in transgenic potatoes,  "It may be that in GM food a drug-delivery system has been created, delivering something you didn't want to."

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