Wednesday, February 10, 2010


1860 - Vicente Lucban, Filipino revolutionary leader and patriot, is born in Labo, Camarines Norte; Lucban will become the military governor of Samar during the Revolution against Spain and the Philippine-American War, and be responsible for organizing the natives to resist the invading imperialist American forces in the province.

1925 - The Irish Free State, precursor of the entirely sovereign Republic of Ireland, effectively bans divorce.

1956 - Two British diplomats, part of the spy ring of five Cambridge University graduates who supplied information to the Soviet Union, appear in Moscow after mysteriously disappearing for five years. 

1990 - Nelson Mandela, nationalist leader of the anti-apartheid African National Congress, is released from prison after serving 27 years of his life sentence; he would later become the first South African black President following the ANC's electoral majority in the African country's first free elections.

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