Tuesday, February 9, 2010


1945 - Manuel C. Colayco, Filipino "liberation hero" dies after a hand grenade explodes in front of the University of Santo Tomas' main gate where he was pointing out to his fellow guerrilla soldiers the strategic spots and important buildings in the campus; Colayco's group was leading the rescue operations to free Filipino and Americans being held captive by the Japanese in UST during World War II.

1763 - The French and Indian War between France and Britain ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris; France cedes almost all of its North American colonies to Britain, including most of today's Canada and territory between the Mississippi River and the Atlantic seaboard although the Native Americans will remain defiant against the British colonies.

1962 - The Soviet union releases American spy Francis Gary Powers in exchange for the release of Col. Rudolf Abel who was convicted of espionage by the United States in 1957; Powers had survived the crash of the U-2 aircraft he flew over the USSR two years earlier.

1996 - The ceasefire between the Irish Republican Army and the British government is broken with IRA's admission that it planted the bomb that killed 39 people in Docklands area in London; peace will eventually be reached two years later with the Good Friday Agreement voted upon in a plebiscite in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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