Monday, February 22, 2010


1947 - Philippine President Manuel A. Roxas and Archbishop Michael O’Doherty formally agree to the government's acquisition of eight estates owned by the Church for the price of P5,630,000, such estates to be sold later in small lots and at reasonable prices to the tenants.

1945 - The United States army raises its country's flag on the Pacific island of Iwo Jima after a fierce battle with Japanese troops during the ending months of World War II; by March 3, US trooops will take control of the islands' three airfields and by March 26, will eliminate the enemy troops.

1866 - Prince Cuza of Moldavia is kidnapped and forced to abdicated by a conspiracy of Conservatives and Liberals who prefer a foreign ruler; over a year earlier, Cuza, who was recognized by Napoleon, implemented a great land reform.   

1981 - A paramilitary rebel army group takes control of Spain's Parliament; the siege led by by Lt. Col. Antonio Tejero Molina is part of a coup plot that will be soon foiled by the Spanish Armed Forces.

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