Thursday, February 18, 2010


1898 - Filipina revolutionary and patriot Delfina Herbosa marries fellow Katipunero Jose Salvador Natividad; she is the niece of national hero Jose Rizal and, together with her future revolutionary general husband, fought various battles against the Spaniards during the Philippine Revolution.

1473 - Nicolaus Coopernicus, dubbed the "Father of Modern Astronomy, is born; he is believed to be the first person to propose that the planets, including the Earth, revolve around the sun amidst the context of how most ancient philosophers, European astronomers, the Catholic Church and biblical authors have argued that the center of the Universe is the Earth.

1956 - Premier Constantine Karamanlis and his National Radical Union party narrowly wins in the parliamentary elections in Greece; it will mark the first time that women are allowed to vote in national elections in the Southeast European nation.

1968 - The British High Court grants the settlement reached in connection with the deformities suffered by 62 children born of mothers who took the drug thalidomide while in their pregnancies; there were over 400 British "thalidomiders" and 8,0000 worldwide, brought about by the erroneous marketing of the drug as safe sedative and cure for morning sickness in pregnant women.

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