Sunday, February 21, 2010


1889 - In a correspondence between Philippine patriots Jose Rizal and Marcelo H. del Pilar, the former writes a long message in Tagalog to the young women of Malolos; the lasses from Malolos, Bulakan had earlier dared ask the colonial Governor-General to authorize them to open a night school to educate them in the Spanish language.  

1951 - Soviet Union press announces that the Stalinist bloc emerged victorious in the elections for the Supreme Soviet Council, the communist country's two-chamber parliamentary body; the pro-Stalin bloc supposedly garnered a popular majority of  99.6% .

1991 - United States President George Bush the elder threatens his Iraqi counterpart Saddam Hussein with a full-scale land war unless the latter pulls his troops out of Kuwait; six weeks earlier, US warships and US, British and Saudi Arabian fighter planes, bombers and helicopters had launched a month of intensive aerial bombardment of Iraq under Operation Desert Storm.

1997 - Scientists in Scotland successfully clone a sheep named Dolly; following advances in cloning science, including the production of clones from embryos of sheep, the team of Ian Wilmut used the DNA from the mammary gland cells of an adult sheep to create Dolly.

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