Friday, February 26, 2010


1870 - Filipino patriot and revolutionary Daniel B. Maramba is born in Santa Barbara, Pangasinan; he was inducted into the secret revolutionary society Katipunan in 1893 and in 1897, began protecting his town from from the Katipongos, a group that masqueraded as Katipuneros and engaged in looting during the interim between the revolution of 1896 and its renewal in 1898.

1963 - The arch enemy of French President Charles de Gaulle, Antoine Argoud, is charged with attempting to assassinate the former two years earlier; Argoud, member of the Algerian Secret Army that is opposed to granting Algerian independence, will be found guilty and sentenced to life in prison but will be granted amnesty in 1968.

1999 - Nigerians vote to elect  a civilian president and end 15 years of military rule; Olusegun Obasanjo, former military ruler in the 1970s, will win the elections and will go on to be re-elected in 2003.

2004 - Japanese millenarian cult leader Asahara Shoko is sentenced to death for having masterminded the Tokyo subway nerve gas attack that killed 12 people and injured around 5,5000 others in 1995; his group has likewise been linked to other violent crimes, including similar nerve-gas incidents.

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