Thursday, June 30, 2011


1897 - More than one and a half months after bloodily sealing his usurpation of revolutionary leadership from Supremo Andres Bonifacio y de Castro, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo has the nerve to call on everyone who possesses honor and the sense of personal dignity, the Filipino, the Asiatic, the American and the European all alike suffer; to join the Revolution against Spain; Aguinaldo earlier dislodged Bonifacio, leader of the underground-society-turned-revolutionary-government Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (KKK), from the helm of revolutionary leadership through the fraudulent and anomalous March 1897  Tejeros Convention , subsequently ordering the dead-or-alive abduction of Bonifacio, his kangaroo court martial and then the murder-by-execution of the Supremo and his brother Procopio on May 10, 1897; one of the other "winners" in the Tejeros Convention, Gen. Artemio Ricarte, issued a declaration stating in part that the Tejeros Convention "had not been in conformity with the true will of the people"  as a Katipunan official earlier warned Bonifacio of  ballots pre-filled with Magdalo names, apparently prompting Bonifacio to issue the Acta de Tejeros that nullified the results of the elections and later co-signing the Naik Military Agreement that declared several Filipino revolutionaries (referring to but not naming the side of Aguinaldo as having committed treason against the nation and the revolution by trying to forge a peace pact with the enemy Spanish colonial forces; Apolinario Mabini y Maranan, future key adviser of Aguinaldo, will a few years later write in his memoirs that Aguinaldo was behind the "crime" of the "assassination" of the Supremo.


david banaghan said...

All recent research confirms that Bonifacio leadership of the revolution was was already shifting from his control and the center of the war from Manila to Cavite before ever the convention had taken place, Rather the healing the rift between the 2 factions in Cavite,
Bonifacio openly favoured one side, and tried to dominate the proceedings. He misjudged everything in Cavite, failing to note he was seen as a military failure, and when put to the test, deserted by his generals that went over to a victorious fighter, Gen. Aguinaldo. These same generals urged Aguinaldo to change his preference of banishment to the death penalty (so as to remove the stain of disloyalty from their record). Bonifacio sealed his fate by creating a rival powerbase and government offices in Aguinaldo's own province! Then he looted food from the town run by a mayor who was a good friend of Aguinaldo who was asked to come to rescue. It was if Bonifacio wasn't a Filipino and knew nothing of Filipino Datoism, kinship and provincial pride. Provincials of any country in the World have little love for those who come from the their capital city. Bonifacio should have taken his few loyalists back to Manila of fled north to surround himself with supporters. had he had just waited until Aguinaldo was in Hong Kong he could have carried on the fight against the Spanish with gens Melvar, Makabulos and others and taken his place as leader once more. Bonifacio could have held his council outside Biek Na Bato, but he lacked guile in all his tatics. Aguinaldo chose to woo his opponents and even bribe them with favours and promotion to win their support unlike Bonifacio who bullied and made threats.

Jesusa Bernardo said...

thanks for the comment, david.

what "recent research" do you refer to? power sure shifted from boni's control because of the power.grab designs of miong's camp. imagine having the first poll fraud of this nation! imagine gen. ricarte making a declaration about the cheating and virtually saying he was pressured to take his oath.

propaganda hard to swallow the line that agui was merciful towards boni. the court martial was kangaroo court plain and simple, what with agui placing his own cousin baldomero to co.head the court and boni's own defense lawyer prejudging him. and hey, agui's orders were to abduct boni dead or alive.

undeniable aguinaldo's 'criminal' (borrow mabini's wordings) character, given the consistent pattern of killing or plotting to kill those who stood in his way. there are the cases of gen. luna and there's julio nakpil. what more do i say?

that aguinaldo's a "victorious" general is a myth. aguinaldo's magdalo had more wins, had much lesser territory than magdiwang. in fact, during aguinaldo's tejeros.poll.related oathtaking, they had to do it in magdiwang territory. and the main reason why cavite won victories was because the spaniards were concentrating on manila, the seat of colonial power. almost as soon as the spaniards turned its forces on cavite, aguinaldo and co. went pffft and running to