Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Pedro Paterno - autonomist/traitor

1899 - During the early phase of the bloody and protracted  Filipino-American War  (1899-1914), Pedro Paterno and Felipe Buencamino, "autonomists" dubbed by Gen. Antonio Luna y Novicio as traitors  to Philippine independence,  present to the invader North Americans their  "peace" proposals; on this same day in 1900, one year and five months after the greedy and bullying United States invaded the fledgling Philippine  Republic, Gen. Arthur MacArthur, assigned to be the military 'ruler' of the Philippine Islands, plays the propaganda game  by issuing an 'amnesty' decree to the native defenders and insanely calling  the rightful war staged by Filipinos as 'insurrection' against  the US; only more than a year earlier around May 1898, the emerging imperialist Bald Eagle nation through Admiral George Dewey forged an alliance with the Filipino revolutionaries to fight Spain, deceptively promising--along with other military/diplomatic Bald Eagle leaders such as US Consul in Singapore and Hongkong Rounseville Wildman and E. Spencer Pratt--that America will honor Filipino independence; subsequently, Gen. Emilio F. Aguinaldo, leader of the second phase of the Philippine Revolution, will stupidly allow the free entry of American soldiers into the archipelago, thus enabling the future enemy imperialist forces to position themselves for the Mock Battle of Manila that will wrongly show the world that the colonial Spaniards in the islands were defeated by the US forces instead of the Filipino revolutionaries, and subsequently, facilitate American invasion of the Philippines.

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