Friday, June 25, 2010


Rounsevelle Wildman, U. S. Consul-General at Hong Kong.
Rounsevelle Wildman
 U. S. Consul-General at Hong Kong
 1898 - American Consul General at Hong Kong Rounseville Wildman foxily writes Philippine President Emilio  Aguinaldo convincing him to stand shoulder to shoulder with what will be the future invading American forces, saying that he has supposedly "vouched for [Aguinaldo's] honesty and  earnestness of purpose to the President of the United States and to [the American] people,"  during the Revolution after the Filipinos have declared Independence following their liberation of majority of the archipelago from the hands of Spanish colonizers; the communications of  Wildman, who will later rip off Aguinaldo of P67,000 intended for a  second shipment of arms and ammunition, will be instrumental in making Aguinaldo stupidly trust Commodore George Dewey and allow the American forces to freely enter Philippine territory  and position themselves for their sinister scheme of invading the fledgling Southeast Asian Republic come February 1899.

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