Wednesday, June 23, 2010


1898 - Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo changes the form of  government from  Dictatorial to Revolutionary following the  recent Declaration of Philippine Independence when most but  not yet all of the provinces and cities have been liberated by  the Filipino patriots during the second phase of the Revolution against Spain; President Aguinaldo, who has acted upon the  advice of Apolinario Mabini, his chief adviser, also issues a  decree establishing a Revolutionary Committee abroad--all  these as unknown to Aguinaldo who had been duped into  thinking that America is an ally, with Spain and the rising  imperialist nation, the United States, to later sign a peace protocol to halt Spanish-American War hostilities, which will 'authorize' the Bald Eagle to occupy and hold the city, bay, and harbor of Manila pending the conclusion of a treaty set to  define the control, disposition, and government of the Philippines.

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