Tuesday, October 26, 2010


1588 - The Spaniards in the Philippines discovers the project revolt of Magat Salamat, chieftain of  Tondo in what would be known as the the colonially biased "Tondo Conspiracy"; Salamat, the son of Rajah Matanda,  alarmed by the increasing show of force of alien  Spaniards and wishing to recover his heritage,  endeavored to rally the other chieftains of  neighboring villages to eliminate Spanish control in  the islands in a plot initially involving the delivery of arms and recruitment of foreign soldiers by  Japanese adventurer Juan Gayo; the grand plan involving Gayo's help will not come to fruition, with  Salamat and other early patriots seeking and  apparently succeeding in getting pledges of 2000 men instead from Calamianes, but unfortunately, a  traitor within the group, Antonio Surabao, will  disclose the patriotic conspiracy to the owner of the hacienda he manages and Salamat will soon be executed by the Spanish authorities.

1899 - Imperialist United States President William  McKinley orders the pacification of the "whole  [Southeast Asian] archipelago or none" eight  months after instigating what would prove to be a  bloody and protracted Philippine-American War (1899-1914); the  government of McKinley, who ridiculously justifies  the invasion of the Philippines by claiming that his war decision  came after God spoke or  appeared to him in a dream, earlier had the U.S. military  provoke the Fil-Am hostilities and manipulated  news about it to influence the congressional vote on  Philippine annexation.

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