Monday, October 18, 2010


1950 - The Philippine Politburo, the secretariat of the Central Committee of the Partido Komunista ng  Pilipinas (PKP), is smashed as 23 of its top leaders  are arrested in Manila, including including General Secretary Jose Lava, during the presidency of Elpidio R. Quirino; the PKP,  a pro-Soviet communisty party established on November 7, 1930  that merged with the Socialist Party in 1938 and created the Hukbalahap armed faction that struggled against the Japanese during World War II, would be met by the repression from the imperialist United States and its wealthy, co-opted elites during the post-War period following its increasing influence amidst its agenda of struggling  for national independence.

1941 - Carlos Ronquillo y Valdez, Tagalog writer, newspaperman and revolutionist during the Philippine Revolution against Spain and the Filipino-American War (1899-1914), dies at the old age of almost 74; Ronquillo who served as major  under Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, belonged to the Akademya ng Wikang Tagalog, an organization advocating formal education on the Philippine languages and which believed that the term "Tagalog" refers to anyone born and residing in every part of the Philippine archipelago; the writer and patriot's works included "Ilang Talata Tungkol sa Paghihimagsik nang 1896-97" (edited by Isagani Medina); Bagong Buhay o mga Katutubong Karapatan ng mga Manggagawa sa Harap ng Wagas na Matwid; Mga Kakanang Bayan; Hiwaga ng Puso: Alaala sa Nagdaan; Mga Kantahing Bayan: Matatandang Tula. 

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