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1897 - One year and some two months after the  Philippine Revolution broke out, colonial Spanish  Governor-General Primo de Rivera issues a decree calling for Filipino volunteers in all provinces in the  main islands of Luzon and the Visayas and in all  districts in Mindanao; coming nearly two months before the Pact of Biak na Bato creating a truce between the colonial government and the  revolutionary forces led by Gen. Emilio F. Aguinaldo, (who seized power from Katipunan Supremo Andres Bonifacio y de Castro),  the volunteers, to be armed, paid, and  equipped at  the expense of the government, are required to be able-bodied and between the ages of 18-50

First Philippine Assembly
1907 - The first Philippine Assembly under the  imperialist United States colonial government is  inaugurated eight years and eight months into the  bloodily protracted Filipino-American War  (1899-1914); members of the colonial Philippine  Assembly, effectively the lower house counterpart  to the all-American Philippine Commission, were  earlier 'elected' from a voting exercise participated  only by some 1.5% of the Filipino population owing  to the severe and elitist qualification requirement,  with majority of the members coming from Sergio S. Osmena's (pro-immediate independence)  Nacionalista Party.

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