Monday, October 25, 2010


1593 - Colonial Spanish Governor-General for the  Philippine archipelago, Gomez Perez Dasmarinas, is  killed along with other Spaniards sleeping in their ship that becalmed off Sulphur Point, Batangas,  by the mutinous Chinese led by P’an Ho-wu,.

1874 - The speech of Filipino mason Jacobo Zobel  de Zangroniz attacking the colonial Spanish clergy  for exploiting the natives is reproduced in a letter;  in his speech originally delivered before a masonic lodge of which he was secretary, Zangroniz  expresses his belief in how the friars made the  Spanish government believe that the Southeast  Asian nation is in a state of insurrection  and that  they alone can supposedly address it.

1896 - Spanish colonial Gov.-Gen. Ramon Blanco  decrees the immediate execution by firing squad of   any one who destroys public buildings and other infrastructures and support or join the revolution  against Spain  some two months after the outbreak  of the Philippine Revolution led by Katipunan  Supremo Andres Bonifacio; Blanco had earlier placed  eight provinces of Luzon islands in  a state of war  and martial law and ordered the immediate confiscation of the properties of Filipinos who have  joined the revolution, with the revenues supposedly  to be used to finance the suppressing of the  revolution.

1901 - Imperialist Gen. Jacob H. "Howling" Smith carries out his infamous and most vile and atrocious policy to "Kill every one [Filipinos] over  ten" in the province of Samar two years and eight months into the bloody and  protracted Philippine-American War (1899-1914);  known euphemistically as the "Balanggiga Affair,"  the wicked campaign is part of United States'  revengeful invasion of Samar following the successful attack  launched by freedom-fighting townspeople of  Balanginga that killed several of the enemy Bald  Eagle forces in a surprise attack on a convent house  where they were headquartered  a month earlier;  Smith's burn and kill order that covered all Filipinos  who do not surrender did not spare children 10  years of age and  will convert the province into a "howling wilderness."

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