Friday, October 15, 2010


1901- One year and eight months into the bloodily protracted Philippine-American War (1899-1914), the imperialist body "Taft Commission" issues a haughty report, referring to the continuing independentist resistance of Filipinos in Batangas, Samar, Cebu and some parts of Laguna and Tayabas provinces as continued "insurrection";  the Fil-Am War that started on February 4,1899 was surreptitiously instigated by an American soldier as part of what would be the successfully wicked scheme of the Bald Eagle President, William McKinley, to manipulate news of it and make the United States Congress approve his war invasion plan on the fledgling Southeast Asian republic.

Manuel Artigas y Cuervas
1866 - Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, future Filipino scholar, biographer, historian, journalist, and bibliographer who will later initiate the establishment of the National Library is born in Tacloban, Leyte to a Spanish father and Bulakena mother during the Spanish colonial era; Artigas will write for the Spanish language periodical Diario de Manila, will found the La Voz de Ultramar periodical that will expose the abuses of the colonial authorities, will become chief of the Filipiniana Division of the Public Library during the American Occupation, and will come up with a number of popular works including ReseƱa Historical de la Universidad de Santo Tomas de Manila (1911) and Los Sucesos de 1872 (1911).

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