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1900 - The Cebuanos send the Congress of the imperialist United States a Memorial begging for Philippine Independence one year and eight months after the arrival of the invading Americans in the Philippine province of Cebu and after the Filipino-American War (1899-1914) was nefariously triggered upon secret orders of imperialist United States President William McKinley; the leaders of Cebu City have earlier reluctantly surrendered to the enemy soldiers of the Bald Eagle nation led by Capt. Charles C. Cornwell after receiving the following threatening message:
"Within 34 hours after receiving this letter, the Provincial Council of Cebu must surrender to the United States. If the Cebu government chooses not to surrender or hesitates to do so, the commander of the Petrel will be forced to begin bombarding the city in order to impose an American administration on Cebu City."

Patriot Melecio Severino
1899 - Eight months into the protracted Philippine-American War (1899-1914), the invading Bald Eagle nation sponsors the first elections under the Negros Constitution, with revolutionist Melecio Severino, who fought both the Spaniards and the Americans, being elected civil governor; the imperialist United States officials, however, fearing Severino's anti-Americanism, would soon undemocratically arrest him and appoint Jose Luzuriaga and, later, Leandro Locsin, to take his place as civil governor.

1870 - The teaching of the Tagalog language at Spain's Central University of Madrid is decreed at the instance of the liberal Don Segismundo Moret y Prendegast, Minister of the Ultramar (Oversease Colonies); Filipino reformist, patriot, and polymath Jose Rizal has lauded the Tagalog language for its own distinctive characteristics despite having been derived from other local tongues.

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Unknown said...

Hi, the picture you posted is of Lt. guillermo yorac severino. he is the son of senor melecio severino.

-melanie f. severino

Jesusa Bernardo said...

Maraming salamat sa pagtatama, girldotcom1980. hindi ko siguro masyadong naintindihan ang blog mo kung saan ko kinuha ang larawan. Maari mo bang bigyan ako ng link kay G. Melecio? Salamat:)

Unknown said...

:) ok lang... mali pa ang na type ko... lt guillermo is the brother of melecio. their father is ramon severino... :)