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1899- Agueda Kahabagan y Yniqinto is  appointed general of the fledgling  Philippine Army, two years and four months after the launch of the  Philippine Revolution against Spain but barely a month before the  imperialist Bald Eagle nation triggers the bloody and protracted Filipino- American War (1899-1914); the lone  "generala" who joined the Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang  manga Anak nang  Bayan (KKK)   even before it was discovered, prominently figured in a host of  revolutionary battles where the men she led often went ahead of the main body  assigned to attack Spanish positions; she has been described as often engaging in battles wearing white and holding a rifle in one hand and dagger in another.

1942 - Filipino lawyer, journalist, opposition stalwart Juan Sumulong y  Marquez dies during the Japanese Occupation of the erstwhile American  colony in Southeast Asia; Sumulong, who fought during the Philippine  Revolution against Spain but early on collaborated with the succeeding  government of the imperialist United States, became a respected political  oppositionist to the presidency of Manuel L. Quezon during the American  colonial period; along with Rafael Palma, he was responsible for winning  the libel suit filed against the  newspaper "El Renacimiento," the first  case the colonial government lost; Sumulong headed the Partido Nactional  Progresista that aspired for gradual independence for the country and is noted for having been praised by nationalist solon Claro M. Recto for his "high reputation for intellectual capacity and integrity"; hours before his death during World War II, Sumulong told Jorge Bocobo and Jose Fabella that he and his party would refuse to join the Japanese-sponsored Philippine government.

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