Friday, January 13, 2012


1834 - The residents of Misamis, Iligan, and Dapitan are rewarded for  being descendants of the first Filipinos in the Mindanao island to  aid in the Spanish pacification/conquests of the Philippines: the Queen of Spain confirms the Supreme Council of the Indies' decision to grant the same exemption from tribute payment and personal service as was earlier  bestowed on their ancestors. 

1933- The Congress of the imperialist United States Congress passes the  Hare-Hawes-Cutting Independence Act providing for the "independence" of  the American colony the Philippines despite the veto of US President  Herbert Hoover; however its passage is nullified by the its defeat in the colonial Philippine Legislature that needed to simultaneously approve it; American-sponsored Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon had objected to the bill Hare-Hawes-Cutting bill on grounds of (1) the inconsistency of its economic provisions with independence; (2) itsobjectionable and offensive immigration clause; (3) vague stipulation of the powers of the US  High Commissioner; and (4) its retention of US military bases; Quezon would subsequently head a mission to the US and successfully encourage the passage of the 1934 Tyding's McDuffie Act that differed slightly from the Hares- Hawes-Cutting Act particularly with regards its provision for the withdrawal of imperialist US military establishments after  Philippine independence. 

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