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1910 - Filipino patriots and journalists Teodoro M. Kalaw and Martin Ocampo are meted out prison sentences by Judge J.C. Jenkins after being found "guilty" of libel in connection with the "Aves de Rapina" editorial in El Renacimiento that attacked the corruption of Interior Secretary Dean C. Worcester during the American colonial period; Jenkins' decision would be merely affirmed by the colonial Philippine and United States Supreme court although Gov-Gen. F. B. Harrison would later pardon Ocampo and Kalaw, publisher and editor respectively of the fiery El Renacimiento; their  October 30, 1908 "Aves de  Rapina" editorial described Worcester as corrupt and with "the characteristics of the vulture, the owl, and the vampire," owing to the supposed use of public money to finance gold prospecting  Benguet  mountains for personal gains.

1938 - Pedro Guevara, former revolutionary,  an early American collaborator, and
pro-independence Filipino senator during the American colonial period, dies of heart attack while defending a case; Guevara was aide-camp to Gen. Juan K. Cailles during the Philippine Revolution against Spain but similar to Cailles, joined the new enemy colonial government and became a collaborator during the early days of American Occupation even as the flames of the protracted Filipino-American War (1899-1914) dragged on; he became a second lieutenant of the colonial Philippine Constabulary and later on entered politics, becoming congressman from Laguna's second district before being elected as senator and later serving as Filipino resident commissioner to the United States in which capacity he is said to have advocated for independence; upon his retirement in politics in 1935, Guevara resumed private law practice and served as business executive of a mining firm.

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