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Lope K. Santos

1879 - Lope K. Santos, future foremost Filipino Tagalog grammarian, writer, politician, and labor  leader and founder of Kapatirang Alagad ni  Bonifacio, Inc. and Taliba ng Inang Wika, is born  in Pasig, Rizal; Santos, who will help the group of the future President of the defiant Katagalugan Republic, Macario Sakay in organizing the 1901 Nacionalista Party and become a future Senator, will include as his literary  masterpieces  "Banaag at Sikat," an opus tackling  socialism's rise in the Philippines, and the  translation into Tagalog of "Aves de Rapina," the  scathing El Renacimiento editorial attacking the  corruption of the colonial American Interior  Secretary Dean C. Worcester.

1890 - Filipino patriot, reformist, and polymath Jose Mercado Rizal delivers a speech in the Masonic lodge "Solidaridad," No. 53, in Madrid Spain; therein, Rizal dwells on the subject of virtue, which he defines as "the constant performance of duty," explaining the concepts and practices of duties.

1903 - Filipino revolutionist and freedom-fighter Simeon A. Ola surrenders to the enemy Col. Harry H. Bandholtz of the imperialist Bald Eagle nation 4 1/2 years into the protracted Philippine American War (1899-1914); the teniente de cuadrillos of Guinobatan, Albay in Bicol province, Ola fought in the Philippine Revolution against Spain, becoming the Secretary of Finance of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo's Revolutionary Government, and then valiantly leading his troops in persistent guerilla attacks; owing to the atrocious reconcentration system utilized by the invader Americans, Ola ultimately decided to surrender to the enemy to spare the civilian natives from the imperialist forces' cruel-level military operations.

1943 - The Philippine National Assembly  during  the Japanese Occupation holds its general session  to elect the President of the Republic and the  legislative body's speaker; Jose P. Laurel is  elected President and Benigno A. Aquino as  Speaker; with the conclusion of World War II and  Japanese surrender following the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Second Philippine Republic will be dissolved by President Laurel on  August 17, 1945 to return the Philippines to the state of being a colony of the imperialist United  States. 

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