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American Atrocity Cartoon
1900 - Filipino freedom-fighter Faustin Pantua writes about imperialist American brutality resulting from  the enemy's defeat at the Battle of Mabitac four days earlier when 180 of their soldiers either died or were  wounded compared to  only five on the side of the  Philippine army, one year and seven months into the bloody and protracted Filipino-American War (1899-1914); Pantua narrates how the Bald Eagle  soldiers, learning of the death of Lt. Col. Fidel S.  Angeles in the Mabitac battle, clothed a person they  have held captive for years to make him look like the Filipino colonel,  and then killed him in the  town of Baybay to apparently make it appear that the  Mabitac defenders fell into their hands; shocked by the imperialist enemy's gross atrocities, Pantua  writes:
What brutality! What infamy for a nation that prides  itself on being civilized and humane! Enough of  amercanism! Then long live the the Filipino Republic!

1891 - The colonial pacification of Buloung, Cotabato  is completed when the district's Sultan and Datus  inform the Spanish of their willingness to  acknowledge Spanish rule; coming some five years  before the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution and  two years before future anti-colonial hero Andres Bonifacio y de Castro co-found the secret society aiming for the complete liberation of the the Southeast Asian nation from the yoke of colonial stranglehold, the Kataastaasan, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang  manga Anak nang Bayan (KKK), the offer is  accepted by the Parang garrison's colonial Military Commander.

1972 - The entire Philippines is placed under Martial Law by President Ferdinand E. Marcos with the issuance of Proclamation No. 1081 on the strength of the 1935 Constitution's Article VII, Section 10, Paragraph 2, making Marcos the most powerful person in the Southeast Asian archipelago as he now  exercises commander-in-chief powers in relation to martial law; Marcos rationalizes the proclamation with the existence of lawless elements in the insurrectionist force dubbed the New People's Army,  supposedly intending to overthrow the government and supplant it with one adhering to Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideology.

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