Friday, September 16, 2011


Spaniards will hire an artist to depict the defeat of the Piddig Ilokanos

1807 -  The Basi Revolt of Piddig residents in Ilocos Norte  takes place in the Spanish colony, the Philippine  Islands, in protest over the wine monopoly and  colonial authorities' prohibition of the manufacture of  the native cane wine called basi; also known as the Alzamiento de Ambaristo or Ambaristo Revolt, the uprising led by Pedro Mateo involved the use of crude bows, bamboo spears, arrows, and even kitchen knives by the natives who were driven by their seething feeling of having been deprived and oppressed for a long time and, not unexpectedly, was short-lived, with the Spanish colonizers using regular military and guardia civil soldiers to fire cannons and rifles at Badoc, near the rebel base.

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