Thursday, September 22, 2011


Filipino fortification during the Revolution against Spain
1898 - The Philippine Army captures Albay province, forcing the colonial Spaniards to flee  as 1,500 patriots from the Tagalog region in Luzon land in Antique, bringing heavy artillery with them;  the developments came three days after the protocol of surrender of Spanish forces in Camarines Sur to the Filipinos and more than three months after Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy declared Philippine Independence  from Spain, having captured most of the northern provinces and the whole bay area and won almost every encounter against the Spaniards; the development comes two months after the imperialist  United States, the emerging new colonial enemy of Filipinos,  falsely made it appear to the world that its  forces--instead of the Filipinos--were the ones that subdued the Spaniards in the Philippines during the infamous Mock Battle of Manila and five months before the onset of the bloody and protracted  Filipino-American War (1899-1914).

1972 - A day after the official declaration of Martial  Law, Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos orders all the executive branch's  departments, bureaus, offices, agencies and  instrumentalities ,  "government-owned or controlled corporations, as well  as "all local governments and barrios throughout the land", to continue functioning under their present officers and employees in accordance with existing laws; exception to the order tied in with Proclamation  1081 (Martial Law) is the judiciary, with Marcos ordering that certain criminal cases not be heard and decided by civil courts but, instead, as later defined  by the President's succeeding orders, by special military tribunals.

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