Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Manuel Antonio Rojo
1762 - The City of Manila is surrendered to the British invaders by Spanish colonial Archbishop Manuel Antonio Rojo, acting governor-general for the Spanish crown, in the bid to end the slaughter of soldiers and civilians as the British succeeded in smashing all Spanish and Filipino resistance within and outside the  Walled City of Intramuros a day earlier; Gov-Gen Simon de Anda y Salazar, who has earlier fled 10 pm the night earlier, leaving Manila in a small banca with the promise of keeping the Southeast Asian archipelago the colonizers called the 'Philippines' for Spain, makes his proclamation in Bulacan town, naming himself as Captain-General of the Real Audiencia in accordance with the provisions of law and by reason of the fall of Manila.

1847 - A Spanish royal decree changing the manner of elections in the Southeast Asian colony, the Philippines, is issued and termed the Municipal Election Law of 1847; the new law provides for the yearly election of local officials, including the gobernadorcillo, by an electoral board composed of the outgoing governadorcillo, former gobernadorcillos, and cabezas de barangay; some two centuries earlier, Spain set foot on the Philippines to colonize the islands populated by people of Austronesian/Malay-Polynesian stock.

Gen. Vicente R. Lukban
1901 - Filipino Gen. Vicente R. Lukban briefly writes about the successful Balanginga attack on the enemy  Americans, urging the local chief of Santa Margarita to similarly adopt the style of guerrilla attack against the  imperialist United States soldiers so as to defend the dignity and independence of the nation  two years and  eight months into the protracted Philippine-American War (1899-1914)in the  Balangiga Incident, the  town residents of Balangiga, Samar, while mostly armed with bolos and led by the local police chief,  killed many invading American soldiers and wounded  several others during a surprise guerrilla attack in the  enemy's church headquarters eight days earlier; in the letter, Gen. Lukban, with jurisdiction over Samar and  Leyte,  praises the heroism and the glorious achievement of the Balanginga folks and, as well, encourage the Santa Margarita town residents to plant food crops so as to augment the food supply of Samar  province.

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