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1896 - Patriot and propagandist/revolutionary Deodato Arellano y Florentino, co-founder and  first president of the underground  organization aspiring for the liberation of  the Philippines from Spanish rule, the  Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang  manga Anak nang  Bayan (KKK), is arrested by colonial authorities; Arellano (de la Cruz) served as  Katipunan head for some four months before being replaced by Ramon Basa, will later on become the secretary of the Cuerpo de Compromisarios, a peaceful  agitator for change in contrast with the  Katipunan, following the final  disbandment of the La Liga Filipino from which both organizations arose (historians will be divided as to the final days of Arellano, some believing that he was tortured and left to die by the Spaniards while others think he served as the  paymaster of Gen. Gregorio del Pilar y Sempio, his wife's nephew whom he earlier trained for propaganda work, dying somewhere in the Bontok mountains in the Cordillera).

1938 - Isabelo de los Reyes, historian, anti-friar agitator, newspaperman, labor  leader, politician, and co-founder of the  Philippine Independent Church during the Spanish colonial rule, dies at age the ripe  old age of 74; a lawyer who turned into  journalism, de los Reyes' first article was  the "Invasion of Limahong" that appeared  in Diario de Manila in November 1882 but  he would be most controversial for his stirring and pungent anti-friar articles,  including the "Sensecional Memoria" which  he wrote while imprisoned for supposed  complicity in the Philippine Revolution of  1896 and where he blames friars' abuses  as responsible for sowing the seeds of  rebellion against Spain; de los Reyes would be would later be released and even  be appointed Consejo del Ministerio de  Ultramar in the Spanish Cabinet  from 1898-1901, before being named President of  the Republic of the Philippines by some generals following Gen.  Emilio F. Aguinaldo's arrest and swear of  allegiance to the imperialist invading  United States flag during the early phase of protracted Filipino-American War (1899-1914).

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