Sunday, October 30, 2011


1776 -  Simon de Anda y Salazar, Spanish  Gov.-Gen. of the colony the Philipppines, dies at  the Hospital de San Felipe, Cavite, his death having  been apparently hastened by pressures from his enemy friars and corrupt officials;  Anda was the  governor-general during the brief British occupation  of Manila and Cavite amidst the so-called Seven  Year War, having fled to Bulacan town where he  name himself Captain-General of the Real Audiencia by reason of the fall of Manila and based  on existing Spanish colonial laws; following the  Treaty of Paris that ended the war between Spain and British, Anda reclaimed Manila for the Spanish  crown and was later reappointed  in recognition of  his fierce resistance against the British during  which term he unsuccessfully carried out the order  to turn over parishes from the friars to secular priests.

1919 - Some five or six years after the Filipinos are  completely "pacified" by the imperialist Americans,  colonial Gov.-Gen. Francis Burton Harrison  restores the flying of the Philippine flag through Act  No. 2871; the enemy United States authorities had earlier banned the use or unfurling of Filipino flags, including the First Philippine Republic and Katipunan flags, banners, emblems, and symbols  through Act No. 1696, also known as the Flag Law  of 1907, promulgated past midway into the  protracted Filipino-American War (1899-1914); it  appears that the most undemocratic and  controversial 1907 law banning the use of Philippine  flags and symbols was the pale-skinned imperialists'  apparent reaction to the defiant and  Katipunan-continuation and Katipunan flag-bearing  Republic of Katagalugan of Macario Sakay whom the  Americans conned into coming down from the hills only to later execute him.

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