Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Apolinario de la Cruz

 1841 - A police force to quell the Cofradia de San Jose, a religious Catholic brotherhood (which later allowed in women) in the colonial Philippine islands judged as subversive by the abusive Spanish friars, is formed, co-founded by Apolinario de la Cruz (Hermano Pule), a frustrated priest, with thousands of members of the Cofradia eventually meeting a tragic end after a more powerful military force is subsequently called by the Governor-General on prodding of the abusive Spanish friars to suppress the ensuing rebellion of the brotherhood, with dela Cruz and some of his aides eventually getting caught and executed.

1719 - Spanish colonial Gov.-Gen. Fernando de Bustamante  y Bustillo is murdered in his palace by a mob led by crucifix-carrying Jesuit friars in the Philippines; Bustamante had earlier introduced reforms after discovering great irregularities in fund management of the royal treasury, a move that angered high officials who were provided refuge by the friars; the murders of de Bustamante and his son who came to his defense, as well as the crimes of corruption in royal treasury management, were never punished.

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