Thursday, July 5, 2012


1896 - Several weeks before the breakout of the Philippine  Revolution, the Spanish colonial authorities sense activities relating  to the secret-organization-turned-revolutuionary government, the Kataastaasang, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang manga Anak nang Bayan  (KKK) , with  Lieutenant Manuel Sityar of the Guardia Civil stationed in Pasig  sending a confidential letter to the Civil Governor of Manila informing  him of how certain individuals, especially in Mandaluyong and San  Juan del Monte, are enlisting men for unknown purposes, making  them sign in pledge with their own blood; the Katipunan is a anticolonial secret society established by Andres Bonifacio y de Castro, future KKK Supreme President,  Ladislao Diwa, Teodoro Plata, Deodato Arellano and Valentin Diaz on 7 July 1892, with political, moral and civic aims and a clear concept of one nation they referred to as TAGALOG [referring] to all born in the Philippines from whatever ethnic groups they belong.

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