Monday, July 30, 2012


1934 - During the imperialist American Period, Claro M.  Recto is elected president of the Constitutional Convention  tasked with framing what would be called the 1935 Constitution of colonial Philippines; Recto, an outspoken Filipino nationalist and critic of the United States Military Bases, will die in Rome in 1960  due to a mysterious heart attack suspected to be a work of the Bald Eagle's Central Intelligence Agency based on an earlier CIA plan to assassinate him with a vial of poison, his having no known heart ailment, and  the US agency's record of playing 'holed condom' electoral dirty tricks on the solon during his presidential bid in the 1957 presidential elections.  

1896 - Filipino reformist, patriot and  polymath Jose Mercado Rizal receives a letter from  Gov.-Gen. Ramon Blanco permitting him to work as  physician for the Spanish Army in Cuba, 

1601 - Antonio de Morga, Spanish colonial judge for the  Philippine Islands during the colonial rule of Spin  writes King Philip II about his services in equipping and supplying and leading the naval battle with Dutch corsairs who have been preying on shipping that enter Manila harbor.

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