Sunday, July 15, 2012


Rey Felipe II de Espana
(King Philip II of Spain)

1589 - A royal fiscal in colonial Philippines, Gaspar de Ayala, writes Spain King Felipe II a detailed report on matters concerning colonial administration in the Southeast Asian  archipelago during the early decades of Spanish settlements; as well, de Ayala advises the king to construct ships and  fragata, which should be more profitable than galleys; the report of de Ayala also includes the inadequate Chinese trade; the  encomiendas of Dona Maria de Miranda; the conspiracy against  Spaniards; the rebellion in Cagayan; sequestration of illegal  Japanese ship; the conflict between the royal officials and the  bishop; the conflict between the Dominicans and Augustinians;  the need for more religious instructions; the lack of funds in the city hospital; the need for more soldiers, funds, and ammunitions  to secure the Southeast Asian colony; a scandalous incident involving a bishop and a preacher in a cathedral; and the fierce storm that hit Manila; Spain will hold the Philippine archipelago, originally named as Archipelago of St. Lazarus by the explorer Magellan (who was slain by early freedom fighter, the native chieftain Lapu-Lapu), as a colony for more than three hundred years.

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