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1876 - (Mrs.) Sofia E. Reyes-de Veyra, future,  outstanding Filipina civic leader and social leader, educator, and secretary of the Association Feminista, is born in Arevalo, Iloilo City; Sofia, despite her lack of formal education, would found the first training school for nurses in the Southeast  Asian archipelago, and in her travel to  the United  States in the early 1900s, would help disseminate accurate information about the Philippines and the Filipinos to neutralize the disparaging, untruthful  propaganda made by U.S. imperialism advocates in  relation to the Philippine-American War  (1899-1914).

1889 - "Filipinas Dentro de cien años" (The  Philippine a Century Hence), essay of Filipino reformist, patriot, and polymath Jose P. Rizal, is  first published in the  reformist propaganda newspaper "La Solidaridad" in Madrid, Spain during  the period of Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines; therein, Rizal exhorts Spain to give more rights, to the Filipinos "to grant six million Filipinos their rights, so that they may be in fact Spaniards"],  warning that failure to do so  could make them lose the Southeast Asian  archipelago.

Higinio O. Benitez, Malolos Congress
Representative & American collaborator

1911 - Higinio Benitez, member of the First Philippine Republic's Revolutionary Congress who rather quickly collaborated with the imperialist American invaders, is reassigned as associate judge to the colonial Land Registration body; Benitez,  despite being named Laguna's representative to the Malolos Congress, unpatriotically chose not to fight  during the Philippine-American War (1899-1914),  even serving as (appointed) secretary of the  American sponsored Supreme Court under the leadership of another American lackey and illustrado collaborator Cayetano Arellano.

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